Agency: Orijen Ltd | Client: Kelly Property
Indulge in the creation of a captivating branding design for Bayview, an exclusive luxury property gracing the waterfront of Hong Kong. Aptly named for its serene coastal setting, Bayview's essence is elegantly expressed through the rhythmic undulations of waterwave motifs, evoking a profound sense of tranquility and sophistication. This comprehensive project entails not only the development of a distinctive logo but also the conceptualization of a thematic graphic language that seamlessly integrates into the property's marketing strategy. The promotional booklet, meticulously curated with a gradient blue background and enhanced with Spot UV patterns, immerses prospective residents in an enchanting underwater ambience, accentuating the allure of Bayview's unparalleled sea views. From bilingual content curation to precise book layout and meticulous photo selection and retouching, every aspect of the design harmoniously converges to showcase Bayview's unparalleled luxury and coastal charm.

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